Other Devotional

Some useful devotional material can be found at the following locations:

Periodical Publications:

Lutheran Spokesman – The Lutheran Spokesman is a bi-monthly publication of the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

The Branches – A Bible-based Christian women’s magazine. Built upon the talented contributions and work of women across the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC).

Sunday School Lessons:

God’s Hand In Our Lives, CLC Sunday School Lessons – A CLC project to produce a Sunday School series which can be used by not only its own membership, but also by anyone wishing to help children become more familiar with the most important book in their lives, the Bible.

Other Devotional Materials:

The Redeemer Lutheran Church, Sister Lakes, Michigan website has several devotional items. One of these is a series of daily email devotions prepared by Pastor David Schaller. On the Redeemer Lutheran Church you can enter your email address to subscribe to the daily emails. To view all the previous e-mail devotions, visit the E-Devotion Archives

ILC Chapel – Audio chapel talks given each weekday during the school year at Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire Wisconsin.
Weekly Ministry-by-Mail Sermon – Ministry by Mail is a weekly publication of the Church of the Lutheran Confession which offers the Gospel of Christ through printed sermons.

Articles by Rev. Daniel Fleischer:

Rev. Daniel Fleischer has published a group of articles. Here is a note from him:

Brethren and friends,

I have enjoyed this “retirement ministry,” and am pleased that many find the articles helpful. With the help of Tim Schaser, they are now available on line.

Those of you who have received them, will continue to receive the articles as you have been in the past. Hereafter, if you find the articles helpful, you can also find them at https://standingfastintheword.wordpress.com Please share this link with others who might be interested, or with those you think might profit. Thank you.

You will also find access to articles in the book, “Standing on the Wall (A witness of faith in a dying world)”. This has been edited a bit since the production of the hard copy. Also available are the two booklets: “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Seven Words from the Cross (And an eighth word from the empty tomb)”.The latter two are also available in hard copy.

Thank you for your encouragement. May the Lord keep and preserve us in the faith in these difficult days during which we look for the return of our Lord Who by His grace in Christ will receive us into the rest of the people of God.

D. Fleischer


Advent devotions This is a booklet compiled of Advent devotions which is based upon the 2013 calendar. These were put together by CLC pastors.

Three Year Bible Reading Plan:

3YBR-Bible_Reading_Plan2-2013_E_Bernet (edited) – This is a link to a PDF of the Bible reading plan. For the past 20 years Rev. Ernie Bernet has worked on a variety of Bible reading plans. Recently, he produced and has made available a reading plan that will take the reader through the Bible in three years loosely following the Christian Worship Three Year pericope. To follow the Church calendar schedule.the reader would need to begin on Monday, December 2, 2013.

Here is a link to a blog version of the 3 year Bible reading plan: